Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Friend, M. McConnell

Political Pundit · 11,131 Fans · The way of truth & love has always won ~ Gandhi McConnell has worked for government in one form or another his entire life: As a senate intern, Deputy Assistant AG under Pres. Ford, a Jefferson County Judge and a Senator for 29 years. The U.S. Government has been mighty good to McConnell He is the 11th richest Senator with a fortune estimated at $35 million+. We the people have added to that fortune by more than $5 million dollars from just his Senate salary alone, as well we’ve paid 70% of his Health Care and will provide him with a nice lifelong pension. He’s done very well for himself for a man who has never held a private sector job. So what has McConnell done for his country, state and people for all the abundance that we have showered upon him? -Kentucky is the 4th poorest state in the nation. 17% live below the poverty line. Severe poverty plagues Kentucky with 6.9% of families earning less that $10k in 2011, the 4th worst in the country. -After 29 years as a Senator there isn’t a single piece of legislation that bears his name. -He is the most disapproved of Senator in the country with a 52% disapproval and the reason for that is because he is out of step with Kentucky and the USA. McConnell wouldn’t have repealed DADT, he defended DOMA, he voted-against the Violence Against Women Act, is strictly a coal-man and wrote an amendment to an EPA bill that would have diminished their powers; the amendment was defeated. Kentucky is more progressive then McConnell. And even though McConnell has fought Obamacare tooth and nail, it is doing GREAT in Kentucky thanks to the Democratic governor, Steve Beshear. -Besides accomplishing nothing in the last 5-years, McConnell has lead more than 400+ filibusters against legislation and judicial appointments. He is responsible for leading the GOPTea gridlock in the Senate, his aim to slow down ANY progress under President Obama, about whom McConnell famously said, “The single most important thing we (the GOP) want to achieve is to make President Obama a one-term president.” -McConnell has been GOP Minority Leader in the two lowest rates, least effective and zero accomplishing congresses in our history thanks in great part to his historic filibustering. Ms. Grimes is the polar opposite of McConnell and more in step with her state that has a Democratic governor and more registered Democrats than Republicans. Kentucky (and the United States) needs a senator that wants to come to Washington to actually govern and do some good: Her name is Alison Lundergan Grimes. [HLL] 2 people in the conversation