Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cuts in SS, Medicare and Medicade!?

1 minute ago ( 9:37 AM)
There is no doubt that every government program, including SS, Medicare and Medicaid could be trimmed in some way, or modernized, or funded differently at some point, but here is what the Republicans, and some Dems, don't seem to understand. If you cut SS, Medicare and Medicaid BEFORE you ask the rich to pay their fair share, or Congressmen to give up their lifetime pensions or multi-billion dollar corporations to give up their free government hand-outs, you are going to engender such resentment and anger on the part of the American people that the federal government might never recover. Oh, the U.S. government will go on, but it will be a different government, and with a few less Congressmen who voted for those cuts. The trust of the American people in their government was never the same after Vietnam and Watergate, and this could also be one of those watershed moments in the country's history.

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