Thursday, September 6, 2012

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She said that some woman need up to $3000 a year because of several severe conditions that oral contraceptives are the only treatment for, she sited a case of a fellow student who was denied cover from her insurance on religious grounds, who later had her ovaries removed because she couldn't afford treatment and became very ill, she also said this same woman was told by her doctor Read More...
There is no room for misogyny yet a lot of you posters sure are defending it and you should be ashamed of yourselves.
At no time did she mention her own personal life when she testified before the democrats in congress and it all began when she was blocked from speaking at a congressional haring before congress on womens reproductive rights by Issa.
Instead of allowing her to speak, they chose an all male group made up mostly of rligious leaders, which was a joke as none of them could relate to the issue on any real level but could only feign a moral stand to the point of wanting even the possibility of the loss of a woman's life.
If you slight even one woman for expressing an opinion of hers that stands up for the rights of every woman to have a healthy life, you insult your mothers. sisters and all of your female friends, as anyone of them could be a sufferer in silence and without your knowledge.
1 in 4 woman need oral contraception just to make it through the month without debilitating cramps and 1 in 8 need it as life preserving medication.

There is no Christian or ethical person would have said what Rush did and no decent person could not criticize him for turning a speech of compassion and caring for others into one of personal lust and again for this anybody who supports or even uses words like I wouldn't have used those words are supporting the worst in human nature and the spreading of a big lie.

I stand with Sandra Fluke as all decent people should.

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