Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Enjoyed Reading This

outlandish 4 hours ago ( 2:31 AM)

President Obama:
Was born in Hawaii to a mixed race family;
was raised by a single parent;
Saw and lived in a foreign culture for a few years;
Returned to Hawaii while his mother studied and completed a course in
His family was so poor, they lived on food stamps.
Won a scholarship too Punahou private school.
He
Majored in constitutional law;
Was the top of his class on graduation;
Turned down million dollar job offers to work with the poor, disposed,
dispossessed and disenfranchised, for a pittance;
Became a constitutional Professor;
State senator,
Has a loving highly gifted wife and well adjusted children;
Has just paid off his first house;
Has a net worth of 8.6 million dollars;
Is the first president to pay for renovating the living quarters in the White House out of his own pocket and returned the amount allotted for this to every president, back to the treasury;
Has tried to govern from the middle, much to the chagrin of the left base;
Has adopted Republican ideas when he saw value in them only to have the Republicans obstruct even their own ideas;
He has an outstanding list of accomplishments and successes as President and is too humble to beat his own drum about them;
Has gone from poverty to President;
He turned the economy around from record net job losses in the last 3 quarters of 2008 to 26 months of job creation, through his foresight and in spite unparalleled obstruction by those avowed to destroy his presidency, even if it meant destroying the economy and shattering real people’s lives.
He reactivated the CIA team that was disbanded in 2006, which lead to the demise of Osama.
He kept his promise that if he was found in Pakistan he’d go after him and made the correct gutsy call.
He saved the Auto Industry, 1.14 million jobs in it and a further 2 million that depend on it, that Mitt wants the credit for now.
Obama is the consummate success story and he pulled himself up by his own boot straps and the knowledge of who he is tearing apart the Republican Party.

Thank you to outlandish @ The Huffington Post

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