Monday, March 26, 2012

Health Care and America

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You know, the Republicans had an historic opportunity to work with the president and the Democrats to overhaul America's healthcare system to help ALL Americans.However, they did not see something good for America, they saw something good for themselves...a chance to destroy the America's faith in the newly elected president and to regain seats in the house, senate and the white house in 2012. 2010 showed them they were right as the Republicans ran on JOBS and gained control of the house and enough seats in the senate to continue to block anything president Obama proposed.
The sad part of the story... a large part of the health care bill was modeled around Republican ideas and their own legislation from Governor Mitt Romney. Yet, the Republican hype machine has been in overdrive trashing the health care bill calling it Obama Care and using words like "Death Panels" to scare Americans. It is working. Just look at the signs at the supreme court today and the absolutely venomous rhetoric from the Republican candidates including Mitt Romney...who's legislation the health care bill was modeled after.
So, Republicans lost an opportunity to make history by making health care available to all Americans to fulfill their desire to regain the white house and congress. Pushed by billions of dollars from corporations and the rich their fight goes on. Left on the battle field are the Americans that need good health care.

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