Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"America is Back" President Obama

Anon Ymous
1 minute ago (11:04 PM)
The Republican response by Mitch Daniels was pitiful. Said absolutely nothing new..and offered no real helpful solutions to so many pressing problems. The ONLY thing that approached a reasonable solution was the idea of means testing for medicare and social security for the wealthy - which is a reasonable idea..and which should be passed poste haste. Harped again on cutting the social safety net (social security and medicare) for coming generation­s. Same old tired message - let the wealthy have lower tax rates than average citizens (and trust us it will trickle down) and cut long standing social safety net programs despite the fact that every American of working age pays into those programs their entire lives. Perhaps it is time for a contract with working American citizens who contribute to ss and medicare wherein the gov't must guarantee what citizens will get in return for their contributi­ons when they reach retirement age. Otherwise we are all going to fiind that it has diminished down to little of nothing by the time we need it. It's like buying an insurance policy from an insurer with the power to continuall­y change the terms of the policy until its worth nothing when you finally need to file a claim. Folks...it­'s all about choices and priorities­...social security and medicare can and should be preserved in their current form. Progressiv­e taxation and some hard choices about other kinds of spending are where the solutions are to be found.

6 minutes ago ( 9:06 AM)
Republican­s divided this country from the day Bush took office and they will Never stop the obstructio­nism and misinforma­tion that they feel will put them back in power after they caused this worst recession in hostory with their wealth transfere schemes like the 'tricle down" conjob of 30 years. 
The Only way to save America for ALL it's citizens is to vote out every single Teapublica­n in our government and Never ever allow them in power again ever! They have repeatedly shown they represent just 1% of the people in this country and that they prefere a Fascist Oligarchy form of government to a Democracy. Vote them Out in 2012 or decide that we will have Another 4 years of obstructio­nism and misinforma­tion campaigns.

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