Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Environment *

Our earth and its environment is deteriorating every day and we are facing a danger of big environmental change. The result of which could be loss of Human life, property and may be extinction of human species in coming time. Many spiritual masters like Osho and Jiddu Krishnamurti have talked about this present crisis and raised the awareness of the seekers about this issue.

To prevent this disaster, our responsible soul should act immediately and participate in making people more aware about these issues. One of the major factor which is contributing in this crisis is the population explosion. Human population has grown so rapidly that it has taken a big load on the resources of the earth. Every human life needs resources to grow. But sadly, the resources are so much overused and exploited that now we are facing so many famines, shortage of food, drinkable water, electricity, and clean air. How can one live in such a condition when we don't have basic amenities of the life available.

Instead of procreating, people should plant more trees to restore the balance of earth. What we need right now is not increase in population but increase in number of trees and less exploitation of earth and its rescources.

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