Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comments from "The Great Debate"

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I found it rather nauseating that when gov. Rick Perry defended Texas capital punishment stance it drew applauds. These are the very same people that rail against BIG govt. at every opportunit­y. Here is a complied list of people that were ARRESTED, TRIED, CONVICTED, and SENTENCED TO DEATH in the great state of Texas. All of these real people have one thing in common, they were exonerated of the crimes they were convicted of. I've always stated that I've NEVER met a pro-lifer who stood FOR universal health care or AGAINST capital punishment­.

Alejandro Gilbert, Blair Michael, Butler A.B., Byrd Kevin , Chatman Charles, Cole Timothy, Criner Roy, Danziger Richard, Dupree Cornelius, Evans Jerry Lee, Fountain Wiley, Fuller Larry, Giles James Curtis, Good Donald Wayne, Gossett Andrew, Green Michael Anthony, Henton Eugene, Karage Entre Nax, Lavernia Carlos, Lindsey Johnnie, McGowan Thomas, Miller Billy Wayne, Moon Brandon, Mumphrey Arthur, Ochoa Christophe­r, Phillips Steven, Pinchback Johnny, Pope David Shawn, Rachell Ricardo, Robinson Anthony, Rodriguez George, Salazar Ben, Smith Billy James, Sutton Josiah, Taylor Ronald Gene , Thomas Victor Larue, Turner Keith E., Waller James, Waller Patrick, Wallis Gregory, Washington Calvin, Webb Mark, and Woodard James Lee. http://www­.innocence­project.or­g/

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“These candidates are an insult to the intelligen­ce of Americans. I do not want to waste my time listening to them anymore, or even thinking that any of them are Presidenti­al material. The rest of the world is in "shock and awe" that the US has people of this lack of caliber actually running to be the leader of the "free world. Actually, many of them no longer look to the US for leadership­, as our Congress is dysfunctio­nal thanks to the Tea Party, we do not have single payer health care, our tax brackets are obscenely skewed in favor of the ultra wealthy, we are bleeding jobs to other countries, and the Tea Party people are demonstrat­ing every day that they will disrupt us until we can get rid of their influence. Please, American, rally in favor of a civilized, 21st century government­, and a country where all Americans have a decent wage, decent health care, and a decent retirement­. Oh, and education for our children that does not bankrupt us.”

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