Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Agree With This...

onfuseddemocrat 9 hours ago (12:42 PM)
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It is getting to the point that I almost want the GOPers to succeed in shutting government down. Yes it will be extremely painful.

But I fear this is the only way that Americans will come to the realizatio­n that government provides important services that are necessary to maintain civilized society.

Only after being denied social, and public services as well as witnessing the loss of private sector jobs AND public sector jobs will people understand that government and the private sector are deeply connected and dependent each other.

Yes...Let the the government shutdown begin. It is time to debunk the "governmen­t is the enemy" myth that is currently being used to justify shifting resources from the poor to the very wealthy.
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For julieacp1

You cannot have an economy where the rich get richer at the expense of the rest of the people.
You cannot have a society where the strong oppress the weak.
You cannot have prosperity with out an income.
You cannot make a viable living if the wage payer does not pay livable wages.
You cannot have a brotherhoo­d when there are those actively working to deny rights to others.
You cannot build character if you constantly tear down people because of who they are.
You cannot be a decent human if you ignore the sufferings of other.
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Ella Wheeler Wilcox * American Author and Poet * Spoken January 12, 1918

"To sin by silence, when we should protest makes cowards of us all. The human race has climbed on protest and had no voice been raised against injustice, ignorance would serve the law and the guillotine would decide the least dispute. The few who dare must speak again, to right the wrongs of those, whose tongues are still."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Even More Michele Bachmann


Turukano 2 hours ago (11:54 AM)
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Now in her third House term, Bachmann has never had a bill or resolution she’s sponsored signed into law, and she’s never wielded a committee gavel, either at the full or subcommitt­ee level. Bachmann’s amendments and bills have rarely been considered by any committee, even with the House under GOP control. In a chamber that rewards substantiv­e policy work and insider maneuverin­g, Bachmann has shunned the inside game, choosing to be more of a bomb thrower than a legislator

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shantideva * Seventh-Century Indian Saint

Whatever joy is in this world,
All comes from wanting other to be happy.
Whatever suffering there is in this world,
All comes from wanting oneself to be happy. 

What need is there to say a whole lot more?
Buddhas work for the benefit of others,
Ordinary people work for the benefit of themselves,
And just look at the difference between them!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ethical Eating * Environmental and Food Justice

Livestock agriculture is the biggest cause of global warming, producing more greenhouse gases than cars, trucks, planes, trains and all other forms of transport combined. Our oceans are being emptied of life to provide fodder for chickens and other factory-farmed animals. Factory-farmed animals are slaughtered under conditions that would constitute a criminal felony if perpetrated against a domestic dog or cat, or wildlife. A few large agriculture/industrial corporations routinely place profit above animal welfare and environmental justice. This is a call to change the way we think and feel about our food choices which have a lasting effect on our planet.