Monday, April 18, 2011

The Poorest City in America

Camden, New Jersey is the poorset city in America. It is also the most dangerous, a city rampant with political corruption and crime. It is the dumping ground for the poorest of the poor, the forgotten people of our society. I would like to share the views of Father Michael Doyle, an Irish priest who was banished by the Catholic Church to Sacred Heart Church in Camden. He was sent there in 1971 as punishment because of his membership in the Camden 28, a Catholic left-wing organization opposed to the Vietnam War.

"Today it is very hard to be poor. Because you know if you are poor...all these people have everything and I have nothing. You have an enemy, and that enemy is greed and prejudice and injustice and all types of things, but you can't get at it. There's no head [poverty] there's no clarity, so you take it out on your neighbor [violence]."

"Poor" does not accurately describe the situation in Camden. These are people who are destitute, with no food, shelter and have lost all hope. Our Nation can not survive unless there is a total commitment by all Americans to change our views on the most vulnerable in our society.

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