Thursday, April 28, 2011

Napal's Abortion Decision

* A woman cannot be forced to allow her body be used in ways that she does not want.

* It affirms the importance of making sure that  women are not unjustly denied access to legal abortion service because of the cost and makes it obligatory for government to provide free services to women who cannot pay.

* It establishes that the fetus cannot be prioritized over the protection of a women's physical and mental health and well-being as, without the mother, there would be no fetus.

* The decision also briefly mentions Roe v. Wade, noting that the U. S. Supreme Court does not recognize the fetus as a human life.

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  1. "Development and peace are not possible without putting an end to the wide spread subjugation of women that is occuring in the world today."

    Cheryl Thomas, one of Newsweeks 150 "Women Who Shake the World."