Friday, February 4, 2011

The Deficit

I have no idea how reducing the deficit will restore the economy. The lockstep marching by the R, Tea Baggers and religious right is nothing more than idiotic posturing. The unfortunate problem is these folks are convinced that reducing the deficit will somehow restore the economy. Never mind there is no proof this is true, but don't argue with the facts. The economy needs more investment by the government to create jobs, not less. The deficit will be addressed once the economy is back on its feet.

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  1. Louie,

    Your use of the "R teabaggers" is disheartening. I had felt that you were not the kind of liberal who when they have no facts to back up their argument slip in to personal attacks. I too do not understand how reducing the deficit will restore the economy. I do know if I spend more than I make I soon run out of money and must spend other peoples money (my grandchildren come to mind. I also know if you hire enough government employees your will have a socialist society. So basically take your talking point "investing" and bring it over to Conservative Outrage. See if you can take the heat. Thanks for posting my blog too!