Monday, December 20, 2010


The repeal of DADT is a welcome relief after the indefensible rhetoric of the R party and the so called pious religious right. The hatred, bigotry and outright lies displayed by these groups are appalling. Hopefully the repeal of this disasterous policy will restore some sanity to America.  We can only hope................

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  1. Louie,

    Wasn't it the liberal Democrat President William Jefferson Clinton who got DADT passed? Now you have a liberal democrat President barrack hussein obama unpassed it. Seems to me you guys on the left can't make up your mind. 'Sides, do you really think this is going to change anything in peoples minds. I will continue to think homosexuality is a SIN. No liberal is going to change my mind.

    As a post thought. In discussion with several military men (don't know any military women)frankly they don't care. If they're under fire all they want is someone who can shoot straight and true.