Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Public Ignorance

A Bloomberg poll, taken a week before the election, found that some two thirds of likely voters believed that under Obama and the Democrats, middle-class taxes have gone up, the economy has shrunk, the billions lent to banks under the Troubled Asset Relief Program are gone, never to be recovered, illegal immigration has skyrocketed, and the health-care bill will increase the deficit. The facts tell another story:

1. Taxes have gone down for ninty-five percent of Americans by around $400.00 per year.
2. The economy has been growing, however feebly, for five straight quarters.
3. Most of the TARP loans have been repaid, and the rest will be soon, plus a modest profit.
4. The number of illegal immigrants fell by close to a million, thanks to better border enforcement.
5. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the new health care bill will bring the deficit down.

This is a very modest beginning to undo eight years of the Bush mismangement of the economy.


  1. It will take time to correct the mess Bush left us. Eight years of gross mismangement will not be corrected over night.

  2. I just read the deficit went down this last quarter. I will try to find the information and post the results.

  3. 1. Nineteen Tax Hikes Totaling $473 billion in Net Tax Increases

    2. Obama's "Recovery" plan
    backfired. The economy may be growing for you, but for millions of unemployed Americans, that growth is hard to appreciate.

    3. Sorry, you've been duped. TARP profits are a myth.

    4. Illegal immigration is down because the Obama economy is so bad.

    5. GIGO.

    P.S. Two years ago, you lefties were perfectly happy to rise to power on the waves of bad economic news. No worries about "public ignorance" in 2008. Now that left-wing ideology has perpetuated the malaise, lefties are blaming voter stupidity as the Democrats get washed out to sea by a red tsunami.

    Interesting phenomenon.

  4. Are you saying the stimulus didn't work? I think it worked just fine although it should have been larger. I think you forgot that both Reagan an Bush used various forms of stimulus and bailouts. The problem Obama inherited; two wars and lower tax revenues because of the Bush tax cuts. Sorry you can't blame Obama for that......