Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Health Care News * [ 2 ]

Old Mitch McConnell is at it again. Repeal the health care bill, blah, blah. Let's eliminate coverage for 32 million people with higher premiums for women, lifetime limits reinstated and put back the donute hole for seniors. Is this what American wants? Our country has the 37th worst health care in the world. The R have been in power for twenty years and have done nothing to alleviate this health care injustice. There must me a reason why the health care industry lobby is the second largest on capital hill. Could it be more profits at the expense of the American people? It's just more of the same from the R.


  1. Louis,

    Just for my information where did you get the stat The United States is the 37th worst health care county in the world?

    Also, I am somewhat disappointed that blogs you love to hate is at the bottom of the blog list. I would think we should be at the top of the list. I can understand why Adrianne is above me the bottom. I'm sad! {:~(


  2. This is for you Pops

    See link below for verification of the United States health care ranking. America will be bankrupt as long as the health care industry is allowed to set their own rates. There is no country with good health care which allows this disgraceful practice. Would you allow the power company to set their own rates? Take a few minutes and watch Sick Around the World, Japan. It's enough to make you weep at our previous corrupt system.

  3. This is for you Pops * Part 2

    The rankings on The Dark Side are determined by looks and intelligence. The better looking and most intelligent are on the bottom.

  4. Louis,
    RE: Comment #1

    I will check out the link. I just don't understand why you feel a system based on the strong will succeed is corrupt. It is the rule of Nature, ie; the strong survive and make the species better.

    RE: Comment #2

    That was NOT nice! Having said that, I am quite a handsome character!

  5. Pops, you are at the bottom because you are the most intelligent and good looking! Also, I don't understand your comment #1.I think a system that is fair is not letting the health care industry set the rates. That is the problem. Do really believe the health care industry is lobbying to lower rates? I don't think so. Their aim is keep rates as high as possible and make more money.