Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to the Past

You have to love the R for their gall. The policies of the R and Bush are the reasons America is in this mess. Returning to the R agenda which has been in place for twenty out of twenty eight years is a recipe for disaster. The R will be gone in 2012 as soon as people realize the change R are talking about is coming out of the pocket of the poor and middle class and not the wealthy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Enough to Make You Sick * The Truth About Health Care

Wendell Potter, former Vice President of Communications at CIGNA speakes out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving America.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Public Ignorance

A Bloomberg poll, taken a week before the election, found that some two thirds of likely voters believed that under Obama and the Democrats, middle-class taxes have gone up, the economy has shrunk, the billions lent to banks under the Troubled Asset Relief Program are gone, never to be recovered, illegal immigration has skyrocketed, and the health-care bill will increase the deficit. The facts tell another story:

1. Taxes have gone down for ninty-five percent of Americans by around $400.00 per year.
2. The economy has been growing, however feebly, for five straight quarters.
3. Most of the TARP loans have been repaid, and the rest will be soon, plus a modest profit.
4. The number of illegal immigrants fell by close to a million, thanks to better border enforcement.
5. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the new health care bill will bring the deficit down.

This is a very modest beginning to undo eight years of the Bush mismangement of the economy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sick Around the World * Japan * Part 1

More Health Care News * [ 2 ]

Old Mitch McConnell is at it again. Repeal the health care bill, blah, blah. Let's eliminate coverage for 32 million people with higher premiums for women, lifetime limits reinstated and put back the donute hole for seniors. Is this what American wants? Our country has the 37th worst health care in the world. The R have been in power for twenty years and have done nothing to alleviate this health care injustice. There must me a reason why the health care industry lobby is the second largest on capital hill. Could it be more profits at the expense of the American people? It's just more of the same from the R.