Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Health Care News * Part 2

The objective of the health care industry is to make money. There are only two ways this is accomplished, through exorbitant premiums and denying claims. The health care industry has excelled at both. There are more Americans in financial ruin because of the financial bullying of the health care racket than all other reasons combined. It is disgusting the Republicans, led by the religious right, would advocate repeal of the current health care law. It is unconscionable the wealthiest country in the world would allow people to be denied health care, bankrupting individuals, or allowing hard working Americans to be kicked to the curb by the for profit health care industry. The arguments against health care reform are without merit.  One argument, the common working person not being able to afford the increased taxes to fund health care premiums is ridiculous. A better analogy is the poor working person exceeding their limits of coverage or denied care and ending up bankrupt. The simple fact is our health care in this country is not up to the standards of other countries. The Republicans have consistently sandbagged any attempt to change health care. There are several ways this has been accomplished. They have used the media to misinform their constituency through lies. For example, the so called death panels, the inability to choose your own doctor, and the claim the plan will bankrupt our country. None of which are true.  These are just a few examples of Republican chicanery. What is really bankrupting our country is the previous health care system, which has brought untold misery, hardship, and financial despair to our fellow Americans.

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  1. This is all true. We are supposedly living in a democratic society, yet our former health care system certainly wasn't. When a family of four has trouble paying their portion of the insurance premiums, making a combined income of $100,000.....America has problems. Other countries manage with their systems just fine. Also, contrary to what many are told, they are happy with those systems.