Monday, October 11, 2010

A Great American * Wally the Beer Man *

Why Pick on Wally The Beer Man?

 Every time I've gone to a Twins game, I've been amazed at how hard the concessionaires work. Their cries of "Popcorn, peanuts,Cracker Jacks, get your cold beer!" is a sort of Midwestern mantra.  For me, it's like baseball and Bob Dylan...... something  that is always there. And I marvel at the fact that, at one time, those beer vendors carried beer in real glass bottles.  So, as a Minnesotan and an American, I was both astounded and embarrassed that Wally the Beer Man was recently  busted on a Target Field  sting operation for selling a beer to an underage patron [Wally the Beer Man is otta here" Oct 2 Star Tribune] I had no idea Wally posed such a threat to our country, nor did I realize that law enforcement had this kind of time on its hands.
Speaking as one who has worked and played  in the Warehouse District since 1978 and has seen that area growing increasingly more dangerous, I was astounded that the powers that be would target the dark forces fomenting within the stadium walls.  To cure crime is one thing,  to create create is another. And that is, simply, what has been done here. Wally is the Sam Mele of Suds, a living bridge from Met Stadium to the Metrodome to Target Field. As the unofficial mascot of the Twins, he has worked longer and harder on their behalf than anyone I can remember. There are enough problems in the world.  Wally isn't one of them. While I am happy that Wally is now working at Sneaky Pete's, justice has not been done.  So let's put Wally back to work at Target Field and realize there are bigger fish to fry.  The next time I hear  a vendor shout, "Cold beer here," I want it to be Wally.

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